Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

If you own both an iPhone and an iPad, you may need to move photos from one to another from time to time. You may want to move all the photos taken with your iPhone to your iPad, thus more capacity spared. Or you just want to edit the iPhone photos within the iMovie or iPhoto app on your iPad. Or you are going to share great iPhone photos with your family or friend holding an iPad.

It is not difficult to get photos transferred from iPhone to iPad using iTunes, cables, iCloud, email, Dropbox, etc. However, I'd like to share an easier and more direct way. You only need TunesGo to help you. With this tool, you can transfer photos or albums from iPhone to iPad in batches. And it actually lets you transfer photos, music, playlists, contacts, videos and more among Apple devices including all iPhone, iPad and iPod models.

Here let me show how you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPad using TunesGo.

1. Download TunesGo

Download TunesGo and install it to your computer. Then run the program and enter the connection window.

Download TunesGo for Windows (44.3 MB)

Download TunesGo for Mac (22.1 MB)

2. Connect iPhone and iPad with computer

Use USB cables to connect both iPhone and iPad with the computer. This tool will automatically detect the two devices. After that, you'll see iPhone and iPad are shown in the starting window.

iPhone to iPad photo transfer

3. Move photos from iPhone to iPad

In the left sidebar, click Photos under the iPhone category. The Camera Roll and the Photo Library will be shown on the right. Choose the folder(s) you want and then click Export to. In the drop-down menu, you can see the iPad's name. Click it to export the folder(s) to the iPad.

transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

What if you do not want to transfer all the photos? Open the folder that you want to transfer photos. Select the photos you want and click Export to to copy photos to the iPad.

All iPhone photos synced to the iPad are saved in the Photo Library. Your can click Photos under the iPad category and open the Photo Library to check the synced photos.

Ready to Try TunesGo?

Download TunesGo for Windows (44.3 MB)

Download TunesGo for Mac (22.1 MB)