How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

My hard drive crashed so all my music went with it. Luckily all my music is on my iPhone, so is there any way I can transfer the songs to my Mac?

To transfer iPhone music to Mac, you just get iPhone to Mac Transfer to help you. It lets you transfer music from iPhone to Mac and helps you make a backup of all iPhone songs on your Mac local hard drive with ease. iPhone to Mac Transfer supports all iPhone models from iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, to iPhone 5/5s/5s. It fully works with iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Now let me walk you through the steps to get music transferred from iPhone to Mac using this software tool.

Step 1. Download and install iPhone to Mac Transfer

Download iPhone to Mac Transfer (10.3 MB)

Download iPhone to Mac Transfer and install it onto your Mac.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Mac

Run the application and connect your iPhone to your Mac. iPhone to Mac transfer will automatically detect your iPhone and the device info will be shown.

iPhone Mac Transfer Software

Step 3. Transfer music from iPhone to Mac

Click the "Music" icon to open iPhone music library.

Select and check the songs as you like and press the "Export checked files to local" button to transfer music files from iPhone to Mac. There will be a pop-up dialog box where you can choose a target folder to save the transferred files.

Press the "Save" button in the pop-up box, you will see the selected music files copying to Mac local folder. Once done, check the exported files on Mac and play them to check the quality. There's not any quality loss at all after the transfer.

transfer music from iPhone to Mac

Apart from music, iPhone to Mac Transfer can also be used to transfer photos, movies, ePub, PDF, audiobooks, voice memos, ringtones, podcasts, TV shows, SMS, contacts, call lists, and more from iPhone to Mac for backup and management.

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